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MassEquality PAC Endorsement Information

The MassEquality PAC works to elect pro-LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) candidates to the Massachusetts State Legislature.

Endorsement Criteria: The process by which the MassEquality PAC makes endorsements is rigorous. The MassEquality PAC will consider the following when making a decision about whether and who to endorse:

(1) Demonstrated leadership on issues of concern to the LGBTQ community in Massachusetts;

(2) Viability, and

(3) Consideration of the candidate’s support on other progressive issues of concern to the LGBTQ community. Only candidates who at least meet the criteria for #1 will be considered.

The endorsement process includes but is not limited to:

• Completion of a questionnaire by each candidate

• Interview of the prospective endorsee

• Research about the prospective endorsee

Only candidates who have completed a questionnaire will be considered for an endorsement. Because candidate questionnaires may contain sensitive information about campaign strategy, it is the policy of the MassEquality PAC not to publish the completed candidate questionnaires. However, we strongly encourage the candidates themselves to publish their completed questionnaires for the public to review.

Please Note:

1. Party Affiliation: The MassEquality PAC is a non-partisan organization, and a candidate’s party affiliation shall have no bearing on the endorsement process.

2. LGBTQ Candidates: The MassEquality PAC appreciates the value of having openly LGBTQ people in positions of civic leadership. However, LGBTQ status, in and of itself, is not necessary for an endorsement, nor does it guarantee one.

3. Election Priority: The MassEquality PAC prioritizes races for statewide offices.

To apply for an endorsement from the MassEquality PAC, send an email to

Author: MassEquality PAC

The MassEquality PAC stands with, develops, and elects candidates who outspokenly champion justice and equality for all LGBTQ people across Massachusetts. Since 2004, the PAC has consistently researched, interviewed and endorsed pro-equality candidates for both state and local offices. The six-member board works tirelessly to ensure that these candidates have the platforms to advocate for equality for all members of the LGBTQ community.

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