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Allison Gustavson – 4th Essex

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Photo of Allison GustavsonA Democrat running for State Representative, Allison is a former elementary school teacher whose training focused on international and multicultural education. She spent a year teaching sixth grade in Egypt, and returned to her community enriched by that experience. She has managed a commercial office building in Peabody for the last ten years. Allison is personally familiar with the impact of the recession on small businesses, and how struggles with health can be detrimental to a person’s livelihood. Allison serves on the Manchester Council on Aging, believing that when children and seniors have the opportunity to get together, both sides learn something from the experience. She is also the founder and leader of Essex County #6 Indivisible, an organization of concerned local citizens involved in creating positive change through grassroots political action. MassEquality PAC is pleased to endorse her for Representative of the 4th Essex district.

Author: MassEquality PAC

The MassEquality PAC stands with, develops, and elects candidates who outspokenly champion justice and equality for all LGBTQ people across Massachusetts. Since 2004, the PAC has consistently researched, interviewed and endorsed pro-equality candidates for both state and local offices. The six-member board works tirelessly to ensure that these candidates have the platforms to advocate for equality for all members of the LGBTQ community.

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