World Cup 2023: Babar Azam Addresses Critics with Fierce Response



Azam has found himself at the center of controversy following their humiliating eight-wicket loss to Afghanistan. In response to critics who have questioned his leadership abilities, Pakistan captain Babar Azam fired back on Friday, stating that it is effortless for people to express their opinions on television. He firmly asserted that his captaincy has had no negative impact on his performance in the Cricket World Cup 2023. Azam has found himself at the center of controversy following their humiliating eight-wicket loss to Afghanistan and their failure to defend a score of 271 against South Africa, despite reducing them to 260/9. Prominent former captains, such as Moin Khan and Shoaib Malik, have openly criticized Babar’s captaincy on air, suggesting that the weight of leadership has adversely affected his batting. “It’s very easy to give opinion on TV. If someone wishes to offer advice, they are welcome to call me directly, my number is known to everyone,” Babar said, referring to the criticism. Malik argued that Babar excelled as a batsman but fell short as a leader. However, this claim warrants further examination to fully understand the dynamics of his performance in both roles. “The guy who is most responsible is the captain,” Malik had said. Moin expressed his opinion that Babar should take a leaf out of the book of Indian batsman Virat Kohli, who has become more dedicated to his batting since stepping down as captain. “He would have been better playing as a batsman than leading this team. Look at Kohli,” said Moin. Babar remained resolute, asserting that the criticisms had never impacted his performance. “I have been captaining my team for the last three years and I have never felt this way. It’s just because I have not performed the way I should have in the World Cup, that’s why people are saying that I am under pressure. “I don’t think I was under any pressure or felt any different because of this. I try to give my best in the field during the fielding. During batting, I think about how I should make runs and make the team win,” he said. In the face of a relentless onslaught of questions from Pakistani journalists, including inquiries about the potential relinquishment of his captaincy, Babar displayed unwavering resolve and composure, skillfully navigating the situation. “I have no idea what decisions you are talking about. The decisions we make here, regarding selections of players — are the decision of the coaches and the captain. “We go with the best combination of conditions and situations. Sometimes we have succeeded and sometimes we haven’t.” “About the captaincy — as I said, once we go back to Pakistan or after this match, we will see what happens. But right now, I am not focusing on this, my focus is on the next match.” READ| World Cup 2023: Sri Lanka Cricket suspended by ICC board with immediate effect, check details