Mickey Arthur’s Future with Pakistan Cricket in Question Following Disappointing ODI World Cup 2023 Performance



Throughout the tournament, Pakistan only managed to secure victories in four matches against Netherlands, Sri Lanka, New Zealand (via DLS), and Bangladesh.

Pakistan’s Director of Cricket, Mickey Arthur, addressed the disappointing performance of the Men in Green in the recent ICC World Cup 2023. The tournament concluded with a defeat to England in Kolkata on November 11.

Throughout the tournament, Pakistan only managed to secure victories in four matches against Netherlands, Sri Lanka, New Zealand (via DLS), and Bangladesh. However, they faced resounding defeats at the hands of India, Australia, South Africa, England, and Afghanistan.

Captain Babar Azam failed to score a century in the tournament, while their fastest bowler Haris Rauf conceded over 500 runs and was also hit for the most sixes.

Nevertheless, during the post-match conference following the England tie, Arthur expressed his unwavering support for Babar Azam as captain. He emphasized that Babar Azam is a young individual on a remarkable learning journey, someone who requires guidance and support.

“We were a real tight-knit unit. I get behind Babar. Babar is very, very close to me. He’s a young guy that needs to be taken on the journey with him. He needs to be shown the ropes. He’s still learning all the time. We know he’s a very, very fine batsman. He learns every day with his captaincy. He’s growing and we have to allow him the time to grow. And to do that, you (have to allow him to) make mistakes,” Arthur said at the post-match conference.

“It’s not a crime to make mistakes as long as you learn from those mistakes and as a group, we’ve made a lot of mistakes this World Cup but if this group grows and learns from it, we’ve got the core of a very, very good side.

There’s always outside noise, whatever World Cup you are at there’s outside noise. The key for us as leaders within that group is to make sure that we make the players deaf to that outside noise. As I say, for us as a group and us as a team, particularly for us as leaders, we’ve got to create a stable environment,” he added.

He went on to discuss the impact of Naseem Shah’s absence, emphasizing how it disrupted the balance of the bowling attack.

“Our bowling equilibrium was out of kilter because Naseem Shah provides the consistency, whereas it allows Shaheen Shah to attack, and then you can attack with your leg spinner and you attack with Haris Rauf. So, the equilibrium was upset but that is no excuse at all because quite frankly we haven’t played well enough. We haven’t bowled well enough at times,” he added.

“Batting-wise, we have to become a 330-350 team. Our game needs to go to another level. The teams that are doing that and doing that consistently are the teams that are in the semi-final. And I don’t think we’ve done that consistently enough. We do that when Fakhar Zaman comes off and we can’t just be relying on one player,” he said.

When discussing his future plans, Mickey Arthur expressed his willingness to return to England and assume the role of coach for Derbyshire. When questioned about his preparedness to confront any potential consequences, Arthur confidently replied: “Yeah, look, I’ll just go back to Derbyshire, I’ll be really happy and that’ll be okay.” “But I came in to do this job, obviously in conjunction with Derbyshire because I care a hell of a lot for the Pakistan dressing room.

I care for Pakistan cricket. Pakistan cricket is very close to my heart, and that was the reason that when Mr. Sethi came calling, I did it, was because I want to give stability, I want to give structure, I want the players to be able to grow up in an environment that’s consistent and stable, outside of all the ramblings and the noise that goes on. We owe it to those players.”