Unveiling the True ODI GOAT: Statistical Showdown of Virat Kohli vs Sachin Tendulkar



A statistical analysis of the astonishing careers of two white ball greats, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, is being used to determine who the better batter is. This has sparked a generational debate, with Millennials supporting Tendulkar, Gen Z vouching for Kohli, and Boomers throwing in Viv Richards’ name. Comparing players from different eras requires a method to analyze their impact, accounting for changes in the game’s rules, and play. Tendulkar and Kohli are both playing for the second-place title, with Viv Richards holding the first position. Analyzing Tendulkar and Kohli’s careers shows that Tendulkar was 32% more consistent and 16% quicker than his contemporaries while Kohli is 56% more consistent and 10% quicker. In matches won, Kohli outperforms Tendulkar with a higher average and strike rate. The argument that Tendulkar carried the Indian cricket team alone has been contested, with the assertion that Kohli has played alongside great ODI players. Tendulkar had consistent support throughout his career as well. Lastly, Tendulkar had faced and outperformed a greater number of quality bowlers than Kohli. The question of who is the white ball GOAT remains tricky to answer due to the different roles filled by Tendulkar and Kohli for their teams.