Wasim Akram Slams Sikander Bakht’s Toss-Fixing Allegations Against Rohit Sharma



Bakht’s allegations against Rohit Sharma after India’s win over New Zealand in the Mumbai semifinal have been vehemently criticized by Wasim Akram. Bakht, a former Pakistani cricketer, claims Sharma engaged in toss-fixing during the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup by intentionally throwing the coin far from the opposing captain. This action, according to Bakht, prevented the opposing captain from verifying the result of the toss, potentially influencing the outcome in India’s favor. Akram emphasized that there are no specific rules regarding where the coin should land and clarified that the mat is merely present for sponsorship purposes. He also expressed embarrassment over the unfounded allegations. This is not the first instance of former Pakistani cricketers levying accusations against the Indian cricket team.