Pat Cummins Ready to Astonish Fans at Narendra Modi Stadium for World Cup Final



The World Cup final is anticipated to be a magnificent fusion of sports, culture, and entertainment. Facing India’s prime form, Australia’s biggest challenge in the World Cup 2023 final would be to handle the anticipated crowd of 130,000 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. This colossal cricket stadium is expected to be packed to the brim on Sunday, reminiscent of the electrifying atmosphere witnessed during the group-stage match against Pakistan last month. Playing against India in such a setting is undeniably daunting. Imagine, 130,000 passionate fans, predominantly dressed in blue, fervently cheering for every move of Virat Kohli or every step of Jasprit Bumrah. It’s a nightmarish scenario for any opposing team, and when it’s the World Cup final, the challenge becomes even more formidable. Australia, however, is no stranger to such environments. They have played home matches against India, where the blue shirts have outnumbered the yellow ones. The stakes for Sunday’s match, of course, will be significantly higher, with a far greater number of spectators than any other cricket stadium in the world. Nevertheless, Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, confidently stated that they are fully prepared to embrace this challenge. “I think you’ve got to embrace it,” he said during a press conference on Saturday. “The crowd’s obviously going to be very one-sided but it’s also in sport there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing a big crowd go silent and that’s the aim for us tomorrow. Yeah, you’ve just got to embrace every part of it, every part of a final even you know in the lead-up there’s going to be noise and more people and interest and you just can’t get overwhelmed. You got to be up for it, you got to love it and just know whatever happens it’s fine but you just want to finish the day with no regrets.” The World Cup final is anticipated to be a magnificent fusion of sports, culture, and entertainment. The presence of India’s Prime Minister and Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister is expected to add prestige to the occasion. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has meticulously organized a series of events to captivate the vast audience during every break of the match. In their previous encounter in Chennai, India outperformed Australia in the tournament. India’s bowlers successfully dismissed Australia for a mere 199 runs, and despite losing three wickets within the first three overs, India managed to chase down the target with six wickets in hand. “They’ve certainly played really well this World Cup. I think we certainly didn’t – I don’t think we scored par in that first game but we’re one catch away from potentially being in front of that game. We won an ODI series here early on in the year. There’s lots of moments we can draw on where we’ve had success against, you know, a really good Indian side,” Cummins said about the previous encounter.