ICC’s New Stop Clock Rule in Men’s ODI and T20Is – What You Need to Know



From December 2023 to April 2024, stop clocks will regulate the intervals between overs in cricket matches. The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced this new initiative, with stop clocks being a fixture in Men’s ODI and T20I cricket during this trial period. If the bowling team fails to start the next over within 60 seconds of completing the previous one, a 5-run penalty will be enforced after the third occurrence in an innings.

Additionally, the ICC has approved changes in pitch and outfield monitoring regulations, simplifying the criteria for assessing a pitch and raising the threshold for revoking a venue’s international status. The ICC is also standardizing match day pay for ICC umpires across men’s and women’s cricket starting from January 2024, and each ICC Women’s Championship series will feature one neutral umpire to ensure fair officiating.