Landmark Decision: ICC Disallows Transgender Athletes in International Women’s Cricket



Transgender cricketers have been banned from participating in women’s international cricket by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in a new law. The decision was made after consultations with various stakeholders and is aimed at protecting the integrity of the women’s game, emphasizing safety, fairness, and inclusion.

The new regulations state that individuals who have transitioned from male to female will be ineligible to compete in women’s international cricket, regardless of surgeries or treatments undergone. This means that Danielle Mcgahey, the first transgender cricketer who represented Canada, will no longer be able to participate in women’s international cricket.

Geoff Allardice, the ICC Chief Executive, emphasized the importance of inclusivity in the sport while highlighting the primary concern of safeguarding the integrity of international women’s cricket and ensuring the safety of players. The decision reflects the ICC’s commitment to maintaining the essence of women’s cricket while navigating the landscape of inclusivity.