Outspoken Gautam Gambhir Criticizes India Captain’s Comment on Rahul Dravid Ahead of World Cup Final



The former Indian opener expressed concerns about Rohit’s statements before the World Cup final. He praised Rahul Dravid’s coaching tenure, describing it as a successful one. However, he emphasized to captain Rohit Sharma that the team’s ultimate goal is to win the World Cup for the country, rather than focusing on any individual player. Gambhir stated that Dravid’s contract should undoubtedly be renewed if he desires to continue.

It is worth noting that Dravid’s term as coach concluded after the ODI World Cup, and there are reports suggesting that he is unlikely to seek an extension. Gambhir believes that Dravid’s contract as head coach should be automatically renewed. He cited the 2011 World Cup as an example, where several Indian players openly expressed their desire to win the tournament for Sachin Tendulkar.

“Dravid’s contract as head coach should be automatically renewed,” he said. Prior to the final against Australia, Rohit had stated that the team aimed to win the trophy for head coach Dravid, acknowledging his significant efforts in improving the players’ performance. However, the former opener had concerns regarding Rohit’s remarks. He believed that such statements could potentially create unnecessary pressure on the team, diverting their focus from the game itself.

Gambhir expressed his disapproval of Rohit’s statement to the media. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a balanced mindset and concentrating solely on the match. “Every player, every coach wants to win the World Cup. If he wants a renewal then definitely he should be given that chance,” Gambhir said. “What better than continuity? I would never understand one thing. When you say that you want to win the World Cup for an individual, this statement is not right.