PCB Seeks Compensation from ACC for Asia Cup Setback



The BCCI vs PCB saga has left the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) dealing with financial challenges. India’s refusal to travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023 has led to a compromise with the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), resulting in only four matches being granted to Pakistan, with Sri Lanka hosting the rest. PCB has formally requested compensation from the ACC to cover the losses and additional expenses incurred.

Due to BCCI’s rejection, PCB had to pay Sri Lanka a significant amount, with 75% paid in advance. The specific compensation sought from the ACC has not been disclosed but is expected to cover hosting expenses and the Pakistan Cricket Team’s travel costs to Sri Lanka.

PCB’s financial constraints required a prepaid chartered flight costing $281,700 for Pakistani players to travel to Sri Lanka. The intricate schedule and travel between Multan and Sri Lanka resulted in additional expenses for PCB. The total estimated cost of hosting the Asia Cup 2023 stands at around $40 million, but the exact compensation figure demanded by PCB remains unclear.

PCB’s management committee will meet to determine the appropriate compensation amount, but disagreements with the ACC, particularly regarding additional expenses related to Multan, may arise. Lahore was initially designated as the host for four Asia Cup 2023 matches, with Multan later included in the hosting plan by PCB.