Dhoni Takes Legal Action Against Ex-Partners, Alleges Fraud of…



Aarka Sports failed to pay franchise fee and honor share profits based on the agreement with former Indian Cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dhoni has filed a criminal case against Aarka Sports Management officials Soumya Vishwash and Mihir Diwakar. Diwakar had signed an agreement with Dhoni in 2017 to establish a Cricket academy globally but allegedly did not adhere to the terms. Despite reminders and legal notices, Aarka Sports reportedly did not fulfill the stipulated conditions, leading Dhoni to revoke their authority letter on August 15th, 2021. Dhoni’s associate, Simant Lohani, also filed a complaint of threats and abuse from Diwakar after their legal action against Aarka Sports. Dayanand Singh, representing Dhoni, claimed that they were deceived and cheated by Aarka Sports, leading to a loss exceeding Rs 15 crore. Dhoni has recently returned from Dubai, where he celebrated the New Year with family and friends.