Gavaskar Criticizes SENA Media for Downplaying Bowlers’ Performance in Newlands Test



The match saw a stunning 23 wickets falling on Day 1 of 2nd Test as both teams engaged in a thrilling battle. Sunil Gavaskar criticized the SENA media for complaining about the turning pitches in India following the intense showdown between India and South Africa on December 3 at Newlands Test. The match witnessed a staggering 23 wickets falling as both teams engaged in a thrilling battle. Opting to bat first, the hosts were dismissed for a mere 55 runs, marking their lowest score since their return to Test cricket. The credit for South Africa’s collapse goes to Mohammed Siraj. India responded strongly, with Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill laying a solid foundation. Virat Kohli also made a fluent contribution of 46 runs. However, the Indian innings took a sudden nosedive, going from 153/4 to 153 all out, as they lost six wickets without adding a single run to the scoreboard. The free fall of wickets on day one has sparked divided opinions among fans and pundits. Surprisingly, Gavaskar had no complaints about the track, as he expressed during an interview with Star Sports. Gavaskar emphasized that a batter’s true skill is tested when they can perform well on rank turners, as it allows them to showcase all the shots in their arsenal. Gavaskar questioned why the SENA media had complaints about turning pitches. “You are not a batter if you can’t play the turning pitch because over here for the bouncy pitch, there are two movements here. There for four spinners, where the ball is turning, you’ve got to go down the pitch. You’ve got to use the crease. All the shots can be exhibited.” Gavaskar also criticized the media for not questioning the batting ability of some of the overseas players due to their dependency on getting interviews with players and not wanting to upset anybody.