Bihar Cricket Association Addresses Concerns of Two Teams participating in Ranji Trophy Match Against Mumbai



The Bihar Cricket Association’s (BCA) Ranji Trophy opening clash against Mumbai saw a bizarre incident, with two teams showing up for the hosts at Patna’s Moin-ul-Haq Stadium on Friday. The suspended former secretary, Amit Kumar, named his squad for the game, causing confusion. However, the official team designated by the BCA took the field, leading to a strong performance against Mumbai. Outside the stadium, there were reports of Amit attacking the official. The incident was confirmed by Om Prakash Jaiswal, the district representative of the BCA, who stated that BCCI had given permission for Bihar’s original team to play. BCA CEO Manish Raj addressed the mismanagement and lack of facilities for large gatherings, expressing the organization’s efforts to build their own stadium with limited resources. Despite the chaos, the original team’s strong performance was highlighted, with Manish emphasizing the significance of Bihar’s presence in the elite group after many years.

According to ESPNcricinfo, Amit’s strained relationship with the BCA president in 2022 led to his suspension from the position of secretary. In the inaugural match between Bihar and Mumbai, an exciting event occurred as 12-year-old Vaibhav Suryavanshi made his debut for the home team, becoming the youngest Indian first-class debutant since 1986 and the fourth youngest player to make his debut in first-class cricket in the country.