Pakistan cricket legend Wasim Akram criticizes troll for falsely accusing ex-captain Imran Khan of being linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s list



Former Pakistan skipper Imran Khan’s name was falsely associated with the Jeffrey Epstein list, stirring global discussions on social media. Wasim Akram vehemently rebuked the troll who attempted to link Khan to the Epstein list, expressing his displeasure with the unfounded claim on social media.

Akram had previously shared an intriguing story involving Imran Khan being taken to a ‘deserted island on a private plane.’ The ‘Jeffrey Epstein List’ has implicated several prominent figures, including former US presidents Donald Trump, Bill and Hillary Clinton, physicist Stephen Hawking, and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Containing around 150 names, the list emerged in court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein’s case, a notorious financier and sex offender.