Video of Ronaldo’s Unfamiliarity with Virat Kohli’s Global Popularity Shocks Internet



On Thursday, social media was shell-shocked after Brazilian football great Ronaldo refused to have heard Virat’s name.

Indian cricket maestro Virat Kohli, celebrated globally for his extraordinary batting prowess, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Recognized as a true inspiration, Kohli’s dominance on the cricket field has elevated him to unparalleled heights, establishing him as one of the world’s most renowned personalities. However, a surprising turn of events unfolded on Thursday when Brazilian football legend Ronaldo expressed unfamiliarity with Virat Kohli’s name during an interaction with YouTuber Speed.

The exchange unfolded as follows:

YOUTUBER: Do you know Virat Kohli?


YOUTUBER: Virat Kohli, from India.


YOUTUBER: You don’t know Virat Kohli?

RONALDO: What is he? A player?

YOUTUBER: He is a cricket player.

RONALDO: He is not very popular here.

YOUTUBER: Yeah, yeah. He is the best. He is like Babar Azam. You have never seen this dude? (YouTuber Speed shows Virat Kohli’s picture to Ronaldo)