Yuvraj Singh’s Bold Prediction Ahead of T20 World Cup



Yuvraj and Ashwin were both members of the victorious Indian team that clinched the ODI World Cup in 2011. Ashwin, time and again, has expressed immense admiration for Yuvraj’s invaluable contributions to Indian cricket, particularly in light of the health crisis he bravely endured.

“Yuvi used to cough, and he used to cough vehemently. I used to think that it is the pressure of the game and he is coughing it off and he used to cough in the middle. Literally, nobody had any idea, at least from the junior segment of the team that he was suffering from a serious illness,” Ashwin had said.

“When it broke out (the news of Yuvraj having cancer), I was shocked because I did not expect somebody who had just become Player of the series, in fact like I would say, ‘Bharat ka Icon’. That literally was it. I think Sachin Tendulkar played an unbelievably big role in that Yuvraj Singh’s World Cup. I call it the Yuvraj Singh’s World Cup because you name it, he was there in that situation in the centre,” Ashwin added.