From the NBA to the Wrestling Ring: Satnam Singh’s Transformation into a Chokeslam Artist



In 2015, the seven-foot two-inch ‘giant’ made history as the first Indian chosen in the NBA draft, the pinnacle of basketball competition. Satnam Singh Bhamara, a former NBA player and India’s first NBA draft pick, has undergone a significant transformation. Initially gaining fame as the 7′ 2″ ‘giant’ drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in 2015, Satnam Singh faced challenges in making a lasting impact in the NBA. Despite limited playing time in the 2015-16 and subsequent seasons, his journey took an unexpected turn. After exploring lower divisions in Canada and India and facing a two-year ban in 2020 for a failed doping test, Satnam Singh shifted his focus to professional wrestling in 2021. American professional wrestling organization All Elite Wrestling (AEW) signed him in September 2021, and he made his televised debut in April 2022. Reflecting on his NBA experience, Satnam Singh expressed resilience and highlighted the significance of his earlier training at the IMG Academy in Florida. His journey serves as a testament to adapting to challenges and pursuing new opportunities beyond the basketball court. Watch his transition from basketball to professional wrestling unfold. LINK