Unprecedented Decision: Rohit Sharma’s Second Super Over Batting Despite Injury in IND vs AFG 3rd T20I



The confusion arose when Afghanistan complained about not allowing Rohit Sharma to bat again during the 3rd T20I match against India. The match ended in a draw and led to a Super Over, which also resulted in a tie. The real confusion arose when Afghanistan complained to the umpires about not allowing Rohit Sharma to bat again. However, Rohit Sharma, using his quick thinking, retired himself out, allowing Rinku Singh to take his place and run the last 2 runs. Yashasvi also contributed by scoring a single run, which led to the game going into the 2nd Super Over. According to the rules, Super Overs are meant to continue until a winner is determined. Interestingly, Rohit Sharma emerged once again to bat. The Afghan team protested, arguing that Rohit had already retired himself out in the previous Super Over. However, according to the laws of the game, Rohit was permitted to bat again since he had not been dismissed. Rohit then showcased his skills by hitting a six and a four, helping India score a total of 11 runs. Finally, Ravi Bishnoi took 2 wickets in just 3 balls during the 2nd Super Over, securing a victory for India in this thrilling tie.