ICC shares pic of Virat Kohli’s breathtaking fielding effort mirroring Bumrah’s bowling action



Kohli thwarted Karim Janat’s attempt to hit a six off a short delivery from Washington Sundar in a remarkable display of skill. Despite being positioned at long-on, Kohli’s determination prevailed over the expectations of the spectators. As the ball was pulled towards the long-on fence by Janat, it seemed destined to sail over Kohli’s head for a six. However, the 35-year-old cricketer had no intention of allowing it to surpass him. With a breathtaking leap, he soared through the air, skillfully palming the ball back into play just before crashing onto the boundary rope and landing on his back. Fans, commentators, and even Kohli’s critics were left astounded by his incredible save, which ultimately proved to be crucial as Afghanistan matched India’s score of 212 runs. Following the regulation 40 overs, two Super Overs were played, and it was India who emerged victorious, thanks to Rohit Sharma’s exceptional batting performance throughout the entire match. However, it was Kohli’s remarkable save that became the talk of the town. A viral picture captured him preventing the ball from crossing the fence, resembling the bowling style of Jasprit Bumrah. Even the International Cricket Council (ICC) couldn’t ignore the buzz and shared a collage of Kohli and Bumrah, captioned: “The perfect mirror image does not exi….”