A South African Legend’s Advice to England Ahead of the India Tests



India and England will be facing each other in a five-match Test series, set to start from January 25. South African cricket legend Allan Donald offers advice to England’s pacers as they gear up to take on India’s strong batting lineup. Drawing from his experience during the 1999-2000 series, Donald emphasizes the importance of pitching full-length deliveries, attacking the stumps, and adopting straighter field placements. Donald shares insights into the strategies that worked for his team while touring India in 1996 and 1999-00, focusing on the significance of the first 25 to 30 overs with a new ball and maintaining a slightly fuller length. He stresses the importance of bringing the stumps into play with every ball and advises against negative field placements, recommending an extra fielder in the covers for added protection.

Reflecting on his coaching experience, including a stint with Bangladesh and expressing his desire to return to the IPL, Donald reminisces about his time with RCB and praises the IPL as the best tournament in the world. Despite missing opportunities due to scheduling conflicts, Donald remains optimistic about potential opportunities in the future, both in the IPL and elsewhere.