Bumrah’s Insight into ‘Bazball’ as India Prepares for England Tests



Jasprit Bumrah believes he will have ample chances to take wickets if England opts for the ‘Bazball’ approach in the upcoming five-match Test series. The Indian cricket team’s fast bowler expressed confidence in securing numerous wickets if England chooses the aggressive style of cricket. In a recent interview, Bumrah explained how the aggressive style of cricket could work to his advantage, capitalizing on the likelihood of batsmen making errors while attempting to score quickly.

While not personally identifying with Bazball, Bumrah acknowledges its success in presenting an alternative method of playing Test cricket. He stated, ‘I don’t necessarily resonate with the term Bazball, but their successful execution of an aggressive cricket style showcases an alternative approach to Test cricket.’ Reflecting on the disappointment of India’s loss in the Cricket World Cup 2023 final, Bumrah shared his sentiments. ‘I was at home; we had won every game…you can’t dismiss it as just part of the game. It was painful, and it should be; we put in a lot of hard work, played exceptional cricket. While it’s not an ideal situation, it’s part of the job, and one must move forward. In six months, there’s another [T20] World Cup. On certain days, especially the significant ones, destiny plays its role. You can’t reach the final if you’re not that good. It stung for a few days,’ explained Bumrah.