Starc’s Devastating Yorker Forces Joseph to Retire Hurt in AUS vs WI Clash



Australian pacer Mitchell Starc caused significant trouble for young West Indies pacer Shamar Joseph in the second Test match in Brisbane on 27 January. Joseph, who had retired hurt Usman Khawaja in the previous Test match, suffered a blow to his foot from Mitchell Starc. The fierce Australian fast bowler delivered a toe-crushing yorker that struck Joseph directly on the top of his right toe. The moment the ball made contact, Joseph winced in pain and found himself unable to stand or walk without assistance. Overwhelmed by the agony, the young West Indies pacer was left in tears as he made his way off the pitch. In the first Test match, Joseph delivered a swift bouncer that struck Usman Khawaja on the jaw, causing the batter to bleed. The Australian physio promptly escorted Khawaja off the field for medical assistance. Concerns arose regarding Khawaja’s ability to participate in the second Test match, but he made a remarkable recovery and was declared fit to play. During Day 3 of the Test match, the West Indies frustrated Australia with their batting performance, concluding their innings at 193/9. Notably, Josh Hazlewood and Nathan Lyon stood out among the bowlers, each claiming three wickets. With this strong showing, Australia feels confident about maintaining their flawless record this season and securing victory in the Test match.