Rohit Sharma lauds Virat Kohli’s exceptional performance



Rohit Sharma emphasized the invaluable quality of hunger and the lack of complacency in Kohli’s mindset, expressing that such attributes cannot be imparted through teaching.

According to Indian skipper Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli has rarely visited the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru for fitness-related rehabilitation throughout his career. Sharma commends Kohli’s exemplary work ethic and urges aspiring cricketers to emulate his passion.

During an interview with former India wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik on JioCinema, Sharma emphasized Kohli’s dedication, stating, ‘Virat Kohli has never been to NCA in his entire career. I would say that all the younger players should look up to the passion that he has.’

Sharma highlights that beyond Kohli’s exemplary cricket skills, understanding the qualities that have propelled him to his current stature is crucial. ‘Leave alone how he plays the cover drive, flick, cut, but first things first, you have to understand what is the quality of the players that makes him where he is today,’ Sharma remarked.

Despite Kohli opting out of the initial two Tests against England for personal reasons, Sharma acknowledges his unwavering commitment to the team, stating, ‘I have watched Kohli enough. He can easily be satisfied with what he has achieved. He can say that I will take it easy in these 2-3 series, I will come later, but he is always there for the team.’

Sharma underscores the invaluable quality of hunger and the absence of complacency in Kohli’s mindset. He emphasizes that these attributes cannot be taught but must be learned through observation. “That mindset of being hungry and not complacent cannot be taught. You have to learn that by looking at others. It has to come from within. I cannot teach you that,” explained Sharma.

Rather than focusing solely on technical aspects, Sharma encourages aspiring cricketers to prioritize internal drive. ‘That is the first thing that I would say rather than looking at Virat Kohli or others technically. You have to stay hungry all the time, bring passion and pride to everything, being out there in the sun, playing for the team, and getting the job done. This is what I want the guys to have first,’ concluded the Indian skipper.