India and Pakistan Qualify for Semifinals, Await Opponents in Final Showdown



Pakistan copied India and advanced to the Under-19 World Cup 2024’s semifinals after narrowly defeating Bangladesh in the Super Six stage.

The Under-19 World Cup 2024 is almost over, and the knockout rounds have arrived. India qualified for the semifinals by winning all five matches in Group 1. Similarly, South Africa and Australia also made it to the semifinals from Group 2. Pakistan also booked their spot in the semifinals after beating Bangladesh by five runs on February 3. This win determined the lineup for the Under-19 World Cup 2024 semifinals.

Team India, leading Group 1 during the Super Six stage, will face host South Africa, who finished second in Group 2. Indian batters should be wary of South Africa’s top bowler Kwena Maphaka, who took the most wickets in the tournament with 18 in five matches. The first Under-19 World Cup semifinal between India and South Africa is on February 6th in Benoni.

In the second semifinal, Pakistan, having secured their place, will take on Australia, the undefeated team in the World Cup. This showdown between Australia and Pakistan is scheduled for February 8th in Benoni.

The ICC has also reserved a day for both semifinal matches. The final is set for February 11 in Benoni, with a reserve day as well. The Under-19 Indian team aims to win the title for the sixth time, displaying strong performances against teams like New Zealand and Bangladesh.