Ex-Aussie Cricket Star’s Revolutionary Proposal for ODI Rule Change



Former Australian batter, Aaron Finch, believes that One Day International (ODI) matches should be reduced to 40 overs per side in order to rekindle interest in the format. In recent times, there has been growing skepticism about the relevance of ODIs, given the surging popularity of T20 matches. During a recent discussion, Finch highlighted that teams currently bowl only 11 or 12 overs per hour in ODI matches, resulting in a sluggish over rate that has caused spectators to lose interest. Consequently, Finch proposes that a 40-over format could be advantageous for the future of the sport. However, former Australian cricketer Callum Ferguson expressed his skepticism regarding the suggestion, yet he acknowledged that a 40-over format could potentially prove advantageous for less competitive teams. For a considerable period, particularly since the introduction of T20 cricket in the early 2000s, the future of ODIs has been shrouded in uncertainty. While the initial excitement surrounding the emergence of this new format captivated spectators, concerns have been raised by former players and captains, such as Steve Waugh, who pointed fingers at players who prioritize financial gains by opting for T20 leagues instead of participating in ODIs.