Shocking Moment: Football Player Killed by Lightning Strike, Video Goes Viral



An Indonesian footballer named Septain Raharja tragically passed away after being struck by lightning during a friendly match between FLO FC Bandung and FBI Subang at Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung, West Java. The incident, which occurred at 4:20 pm local time, was captured on video and shocked fans around the world. Despite immediate efforts to rush Raharja to the hospital, he succumbed to the incident shortly after arrival. The Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency revealed that the lightning struck Raharja from a cloud just 300 meters above the stadium. This tragic event is not unprecedented in Indonesian football, as a similar incident occurred in 2023 when a young player in Bojonegoro, East Java, was struck by lightning during a match. Other heartbreaking incidents on the football pitch have occurred, including the passing of Ivory Coast’s Moustapha Sylla during a game in March 2023. The sports community is left grappling with the fragility of life on the field and the need for enhanced safety measures during adverse weather conditions.