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MassEquality PAC Announces 2nd Round of 2018 Legislative Endorsements

Massachusetts State HouseOn July 11, 2018, the MassEquality PAC announced its second round of endorsements for the 2018 Massachusetts legislative races.

First-time candidates for state Representative endorsed by MassEquality PAC in this round include:

The PAC also endorses Sue Chalifoux Zephir (Worcester & Middlesex) for state Senate, as it did in the special election for this seat in December.

“All three of these candidates are well known as advocates for LGBTQ rights, with a strong record of supporting equality and fairness for all,” said MassEquality Executive Director Deborah Shields, JD, MPH. “Both Sue and Tanya are challenging incumbents who are well-known for their anti-LGBTQ positions, and Tanya is a proud member of the LGBTQ community. We are pleased to support these candidates in their races.”

MassEquality PAC is also proud to endorse two additional incumbent candidates:

“Our latest endorsed incumbent candidates are deeply committed to the fight for equality and justice,” Ms. Shields added. “We cannot overstate the importance of the work both Maura Healey and Jason Lewis have done to defend LGBTQ rights in Massachusetts. We are honored to endorse them for re-election, and look forward to continue working side by side with them on issues vital to our community.”

Sue Chalifoux Zephir – Worcester & Middlesex

Sue Chalifoux Zephir Campaign Web Site

Sue Chalifoux Zephir is dedicated to serving the people of North Central Massachusetts. A Leominster City Councillor for eight years and a board member and trustee of several local organizations, as well as the Executive Director of a food pantry, Sue has a long career of community service and civic involvement. Through these experiences, she has gained valuable knowledge and insight into the issues that impact the people of her district. She is also an advocate and longtime supporter of the LGBTQ community. MassEquality is proud to endorse her in this race.

MassEquality PAC Announces Endorsement of Sue Chalifoux Zephir for State Senate

Today, the MassEquality PAC announced its endorsement of Sue Chalifoux Zephir for State Senate. Sue is running to represent the Worcester and Middlesex District in a special election to be held on December 5th.

“Sue Chalifoux Zephir is an advocate and longtime supporter of the LGBTQ community,” said MassEquality Executive Director Deborah Shields, JD, MPH. “Her experience and awareness of LGBTQ issues makes her ideally suited to be an advocate for the community on Beacon Hill.”

LGBTQ rights have become a top issue in this race after Republican opponent Dean Tran claimed that transgender anti-discrimination policies endanger children, and referred to transgender people as individuals “experiencing an identity crisis” while also equating them with “sexual predators” during a recent debate. Mr. Tran also expressed support for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, a critical provider of health services for the LGBTQ community in the Commonwealth.

“This rhetoric is dangerous and puts members of the LGBTQ community at risk in Massachusetts,” continued Ms. Shields. “Transgender people deserve to be treated with the dignity and respect that is given to everyone else. I urge Mr. Tran to use this incident as a learning experience. We commend Ms. Chalifoux Zephir for standing up for equality in her responses to his troubling comments. We are proud to support her.”

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