R Ashwin’s Insights on the Varied Styles of Captaincy

R Ashwin’s Insights on the Varied Styles of Captaincy

Despite not winning the ODI World Cup 2023 under Rohit’s leadership, the campaign for the hosts was not disappointing. Rohit Sharma, India’s captain, is absent from the national T20I side and has taken a break from the ODI format for the series against South Africa. Fans eagerly await his return to white-ball cricket, sparking discussions about his future as India’s skipper. No other Indian skipper has achieved the same level of success in ICC tournaments since MS Dhoni.

Ravichandran Ashwin, India’s veteran spinner, has provided a comprehensive analysis of Rohit as a captain, cricketer, and person, shedding light on the immense respect he commands in the dressing room.

“If you take a look at Indian cricket, everybody will be telling you that MS Dhoni is the best captain. (But), Rohit Sharma is an outstanding person, (and) he understands every single player in the team. He knows the likes and dislikes of each of us and has a great understanding. He puts in the effort to know each player personally,” Ashwin said.

Rohit Sharma proved himself in the ODI World Cup by consistently providing India with excellent starts in almost every match, including the final. However, it was the Australian team that ultimately emerged victorious in the summit clash.

There were discussions about Ravichandran Ashwin being selected for the final, but unfortunately, that did not come to fruition. Nevertheless, the experienced off-spinner showed his dedication by being ready to support the team from the sidelines.

“As far as I playing the final is concerned, the team combination and all is secondary. Firstly, it’s about empathy, (and) I keep stressing it a lot. It’s like standing in someone else’s shoes and looking at things from his/her perspective. Had I been in Rohit’s shoes, I would have thought 100 times about altering the (winning) combination. It was going alright for the team, so why rest a fast bowler for three spinners?,” Ashwin explained.

“Honestly, I understood Rohit Sharma’s thought process. Playing the final is big, (and) I was preparing for three days in the lead-up. At the same time, I was also prepared to cheer for the side and run in with energy drinks if I was not given the opportunity. I was mentally prepared for that as well,” Ashwin concluded.

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